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Alumni Spotlight

Highlighting USU-Brigham City Graduates

Diane Jones

Diane Jones, '16

Degree: Health Education and Promotion (Community Health)
Hometown: Brigham City

First Impression: Attending USU BC was one of the best decisions I did not only was the campus close to my home I loved the atmosphere it had. There were non-tradition and traditional students so you didn't feel like you didn't belong. I was still able to have a college experience in a much smaller scale. USU BC instructors were amazing they prepared me to work in a professional setting by working in groups, listening to other, respecting others, and staying on schedule not to mention all the lessons that went along with my field. Going to USU BC meant I was able to get the one on one experience with the instructors and be able to have tutors, gym, and daycare at my fingertips.

Now: I am currently working at Weber Human Service Prevention as a health educator. I am working on Opioid misuse and will be helping to bring awareness to Weber and Morgan county about the dangers of opioids and making sure they know how to safe use, safe storage, and safe disposal of their opioids.

Ricki Burnett

Ricki Burnett, '16

Degree: Biological Science-Composite Teaching
Hometown: Brigham City

First Impression: USU-Brigham City allowed me to live at home and keep both my jobs. I was able to put money towards tuition rather than housing, helping to avoid student loans. The educational experience was personalized due to the small class sizes. The majority of my instructors knew my name and motivated me to create quality work and try my best. I had the opportunity to work as a tutor and discovered my love for teaching. Tutoring helped me develop methods to improve student understanding of difficult material.

Now: I am completing a yearlong internship with the Weber School District teaching 7th and 8th grade science. Once it's complete, I hope to continue teaching to obtain more experience and better my practice. I plan on continuing my higher education.

Ashlee Nelson

Ashlee Nelson, '07

Degree: Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education, BS; Elementary Education, MEd
Hometown: Tremonton

First Impression: Attending USU Brigham City allowed me to stay close to home while getting my education. I had a family and a job in Brigham City, and attending USU Brigham City helped me to balance everything.

Now: I am the principal of Three Mile Creek Elementary in Box Elder District.

Jill Roach

Ashlee Nelson, '07

Degree: Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education, BS
Hometown: Brigham City

First Impression: I loved attending the Brigham City campus. This campus was so close to home. When I enrolled I had 5 small children and making a drive to main campus in Logan was just not going to be feasible with my time constraints. I love the staff! The math tutor was awesome and the facilitators were friendly and encouraging. The student services staff were helpful and knowledgeable.

Now: I was immediately employed days before I even finished my student teaching experience. I am still teaching, but now closer to home. I was offered my dream job of teaching in my children's school as a 3rd grade teacher.