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USU Brigham City (435) 919-1200
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... A few more USU Brigham City Pool Party pictures. Be sure to tag yourself and your friends. If you have any to add, we would love to see them too!
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We had a great pool party! Thanks to everyone that came and enjoyed the beach balls, ice cream, prizes and FUN! Congratulations to Nick Breagger for winning the $250 tuition waiver!
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FREE RODEO TICKETS! If you would like to go to the Box Elder County Golden Spike Rodeo on Friday or Saturday night, come into the office tomorrow, Friday, August 22 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm to pick them up. We have 2 for Friday and 2 for Saturday, first come first served. We love our Brigham City and Tremonton Aggies!!!
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Utah State University Brigham City commented on their own photo.
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CONTEST! USU Brigham City and Tremonton have banners at the Box Elder County Fair and Rodeo. To win, do this: 1. Take a picture of you and your family/friends with the banner(s), 2. Post it to Facebook, 3. Win a sweatshirt! Every entry wins! Utah State University loves 4-H and our hometown fair!
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The halls of the USU Brigham City campus are empty, but the advising office is hopping! If you have not registered for fall classes and still need to visit with an advisor, you need to do it ASAP! You can make an appointment online ( or call 435-919-1200. Don't forget the pool party, one week from today!
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Come to the Brigham City Pool (720 West Forest Street) on August 18 from 8:30-10:00 PM for a FREE pool party with food, fun and prizes. You could even win a $2...
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Need a job or an internship? Check out the latest job postings/internships at our home page. We just added several new positions like the following: • Entrepreneurship Club Paid Internship • New Hope Crisis Center Internship • Math Tutor • Anatomy, Microbiology, General Biology Tutors • Writing Center Tutor • Disability Resource Center Reader • Teaching Assistant for HPER • Child Care Assistant Teacher • Computer Lab Assistant • Facilities Assistant

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